Hello, fellow time traveler, and welcome to the Temporal Integrity Commission!  Timelines can get very tangled, so we’re very glad to have you as a member of our fleet.  Here are a few things to help you get acquainted with the TIC:

First of all, you will find the fleet’s polices here.

Please take the time to look them over.  Take note that the requirements for advancement are listed there as well.  Promotions are not an automatic process, so if you feel that you meet the requirements for a particular rank, please contact a fleet officer.

Did you know that the Temporal Integrity Commission has KDF fleet as well?

On the KDF side, we are known as The House of Temporal Integrity.  Anyone who has an active KDF character is encouraged to join the KDF fleet, so that all of your efforts in contributing to a fleet are going to help the same people you already know and love to play with.

Also, did you know that the Temporal Integrity Commission has an in-game cross-faction chat channel?

The channel is called TIC and you can join it by typing “/channel_join TIC” in the in-game chat (no quotation marks).  You can talk to members of the Temporal Integrity Commission and the House of Temporal Integrity from any character you have, no matter which faction that character is in or which faction that character belongs to.  It’s a great way to get to know your fleet mates and to coordinate missions that allow cross-faction participation.

In addition to the TIC chat channel, our fleet also has a TeamSpeak server!

The address is “ts3.ticfleet.com” and the password is “stf” (no quotation marks).  Don’t have a microphone, you say?  No worries!  Feel free to join the server to simply listen in.  This can be very useful during fleet events and training.

We are not limited to Star Trek Online either!

Several of our members get together to play a variety of games, including Minecraft, Space Engineers and Civilization.  Be sure to check out the forums for more information on those.

And finally…

Do not feel shy about asking questions!  If you need anything at all (advice, a team, something from the bank?!), please speak up.  You’ll find that we are a friendly and helpful fleet, and we were all new at one time.  Also, ignore the fact that Sheryl greets you as prey…she’s all bark and no bite.  *wink*

Welcome to the Temporal Integrity Commission!