The Temporal Integrity Commission has its own Minecraft server!

Come join us and have a look around. If you like what you see and want to play with us, let me know. The public only has very limited permissions (to avoid griefing), but trusted fleet members and friends of the fleet are more than welcome to pick up an axe and help us shape our world.

Come visit the serene countryside, tour amazing towers and fantastic fortresses, go for a stroll through our hedge maze, walk the length of our extensive road network, or visit beautiful Frito City. More incredible creations are being built all the time by our active community of industrious minecrafters, so come on in and see what we’re up to!

Check out our Minecraft Gallery for cool, fun, and silly shots from all over our world.

Server Address: minecraft.ticfleet.com
Live Map: http://minecraft.ticfleet.com


  1. Isria Lorn

    I suppose this means that I actually have to finish my maze, huh?

    • Selee'a

      I mean… That wouldn’t suck!

  2. Temujin

    just got back on and dont have any permissions so cant finish my projects lol sickness2001 should be my id in minecraft

    • Selee'a

      I’ll fix that up for ya

  3. Temujin1987

    hey i cant connect to the server now and last time i was able to i could not do anything yet i live in central time zone ks to be specific


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