Bulletin 1147

Temporal Integrity Commission has a simple set of ground rules to follow.
Mainly, we just want to have fun and maintain a fun environment for everyone in the fleet.
Please try to at least be familiar with the rules below and we’ll be one big happy fleet.
These rules are subject to change as dictated by current fleet needs, but will be kept up to date with current policy as
it evolves.
These rules are generally written in a manner that is Star Trek Online-centric, though any game-agnostic concepts always apply, in any game in which you identify yourself with our fleet.
  1. All members are expected to conduct themselves courteously and respectfully in interactions with other players. This includes interactions with people who are in the fleet and who are not.
  2. Excessive profanity or offensive speech is unacceptable in in-game chat, the forums, and TeamSpeak.
  3. Communication issues happen from time to time. If there is a miscommunication, agree to disagree and then put some distance between yourself and the other person for a little while. Resorting to name-calling, “rage-quitting,” and other similar rude behaviors is strongly frowned upon.
Fleet Member Ranks
Rank Time Contribution Notes
Cadet Initial rank
Ensign 25,000
Lieutenant 1 month as Ensign 150,000
Commander 2 months as Lieutenant 350,000 TeamSpeak/TIC required
Captain 3 months as Commander 500,000 Fleet event*
Rear Admiral 3 months as Captain 750,000 Officer Nomination
Fleet Admiral 3 months as R Adm 1,000,000 Officer Nomination, Unanimous
Fleet Bank
  1. Everyone can use the bank, and we encourage you to. It’s one of the advantages to being in a fleet. We do ask that, if you
    take items out of the bank, you also deposit items at some point as well, to give back to the fleet.
  2. All ranks have daily withdrawal restrictions. This is to safeguard the fleet bank against those who would try to take advantage of us.
    Bank withdrawal limits are per tab in the bank and are set based on what fleet officers have deemed to be reasonable limits for each type of item.
    If you need to make a large bank transaction that you are restricted from by rank, contact a fleet officer and we will arrange
    for it, if it is reasonable. We won’t deny you for no good reason. If we do deny you, though, we do have a reason and we are not required to explain it (though we usually will).
  3. Please do not withdraw items that your character’s rank or ship class cannot use.
    For example, a Commander should not withdraw items above Mk VI.
    Also, a cruiser captain should not withdraw dual cannons.
    Violation of this policy mat lead to reprimand, demotion, or termination on a case-by-case basis.
  4. When depositing non-consumable items (weapons, shields, kits, etc), please do not deposit common (“white”) items. Deposit
    only Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), or Very Rare (Purple) items to the fleet bank.
    This does not apply to consumable items such as batteries, commodities, or data samples.
  5. You may use the fleet bank for character to character transfers. Please let us know when you are doing this, though, so
    we can track where your items go, in case someone else snatches them.
  6. Please only deposit items in the appropriate tab in the fleet bank. The tabs are named according to what is ok to deposit
    in them.
    For certain tabs, there is additional organization to make items easy to find. Please attempt to keep the same organizational
    scheme you see in a tab, when depositing to it.
  7. Do not be excessive or rude.
    The fleet bank is a resource for all fleet members to share, and we expect you not to take unfair advantage of it.
    This means that, while you may be able to withdraw x items per day, doing do frequently is not ok.
    We do monitor bank activity and will take appropriate action if abuse is noticed.
General Operations
  1. All members have been granted the fleet invitation permission. If there is someone you would like to invite to the fleet,
    feel free to do so. It is not necessary to consult with a fleet officer first.
  2. If you have a fleet-related question or issue, please bring it to the attention of fleet officers. Current fleet officers
    can be found in the officer list, here.
  3. As in any hierarchical organization, “authority” increases up the chain of command. In fleet actions, deference should be given to the ranking officer’s rules for the mission (rules of engagement, loot policies, etc), unless they relinquish those rights to someone else. In fleet gatherings, the ranking officer has the floor and is responsible for performing the duty of sergeant at arms, unless they have delegated such responsibility to someone else. This includes in-game and out-of-game situations, such as TeamSpeak and the forums.
  1. Anyone can use our TeamSpeak server – even nonmembers. Otherwise, we wouldn’t post the address and credentials on our website.
  2. You don’t have to have a microphone to use TeamSpeak. It is extremely valuable to you and your team for you to just be able
    to hear what everyone else is saying. We have several members who sign on to TeamSpeak to listen, and then type back to
    us in-game.
  3. When on TeamSpeak, please try to follow the guidelines for the room you are in, which are clearly stated in the descriptions
    for each room.
  4. Please be courteous, while on TeamSpeak
    1. Do not talk over someone else who is already speaking.
    2. Do not interrupt on-topic conversations that are already in progress. If you have a question, wait until people have finished speaking or else find a more polite way to indicate you have a question rather than simply talking. Saying “I have a question, when you are finished” is often all it takes and people will be more than happy to help you.
  5. Excessive spamminess, random noise, rudeness, or insensitivity may lead to a temporary mute.
  6. Blatant hate speech toward people of any race, creed, nationality, or any other group will not be tolerated and may result
    in a permanent ban from TeamSpeak and ejection from the fleet.
  7. If it gets crowded in a room or otherwise too noisy or busy to keep things straight, please consider moving to another room.
    We have several rooms already created with various purposes, such as STF and PvP rooms. If necessary, Fleet Admirals have
    permissions to create new rooms.
  8. Please try to join us on TeamSpeak whenever you can. It’s a great way to have lots of extra fun with the fleet, and an excellent
    way to work toward promotion.
  9. Officers tasked with moderating TeamSpeak have explicit permission to mute, kick, or ban users who are disruptive or in
    violation of our code of conduct.
General Expectations
  1. Don’t be disrespectful, rude, or otherwise disruptive to people’s enjoyment of the game. This includes interactions in-game,
    on TeamSpeak, or in any other fleet-related activity.
  2. Be social. Talk to your fleet-mates in the game. Join us on TeamSpeak. Play with us. We are a fleet, which is an inherently
    social thing. If you don’t want to interact with us, you will not go far in the fleet.
  3. Be at least somewhat active. While we don’t have dues or required meetings or anything of that nature, we will kick fleet
    members of “Cadet” rank who have not logged in for more than 60 days, whenever our membership is above 450.
    Members above rank “Cadet” will be demoted 1 rank for every 30 days of inactivity.
Officer Expectations
  1. All members ranked Captain or higher are considered to be fleet officers and have additional expectations dependent on rank.
  2. Be social! As an officer, it is your duty to set an example for lower-ranking members.
    Chat in-game, be on TeamSpeak as much as possible (even if you don’t have a mic), and try to play with fleet members if
    at all possible.
  3. Be active. Officers who do not log on to any of their fleet characters for over 60 days will be reduced in rank by
    one level for every 60 days of inactivity. Once losing officer status, members are subject to the normal demotion/kicking
  4. Help out. As an officer, you will be assigned one or more additional duties that lower-ranking members are not normally
    required to carry out. These duties vary and will be assigned to you by a Fleet Admiral.
  5. Set an example. This includes behavior both in and out of games we play. You are expected to conduct yourself in a courteous, respectful manner toward everyone, regardless of rank. This expectation is redundant to general expectation #1, because it’s critical.
  6. Follow directives. Any directive given by a fleet admiral is to be considered the law of the land. Fleet admirals are Tancred (STO handle: @@masterriftsgm) and Selea (STO handle: @@dodexahedron). Rear admirals are given some autonomy in the fleet, but it is their responsibility to ensure that their actions align with the goals and objectives set by the fleet admirals.
Fleet Ranks/Advancement
General Guidelines
  1. Fleet rank advancement in Star Trek Online is not automatic. Since it is a manual process that requires intervention by fleet officers, there may be some time between a member fulfilling the requirements of a given rank and actually having that rank bestowed upon them. If you have achieved the status necessary for a rank but have not received your promotion, please be ask a fleet admiral and realize that we can only do it when we have a chance to get online and do it.
  2. Fleet rank is a privilege and not a right. If a fleet officer has reduced your rank or not promoted you as high as the guidelines state you are eligible for, there may be extenuating circumstances including but not limited to behavioral issues, lack of participation with fleet officer-run activities, complaints by fellow fleet members, etc.
  3. If you believe that a rank you or someone else have been placed at is unfair to you or others, you may make an appeal to the fleet admirals via private communication such as in-game mail or private messages in the forums. Fleet Admiral decisions on these matters are final.